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Consultancy Endline Review Fair Finance International

Oxfam Novib

Fair Finance International (FFI) is an international civil society network of over 100 civil society organization (CSO) partners and allies, initiated by Oxfam1, that seeks to strengthen the commitment of banks and other financial institutions to social, environmental and human rights standards. 


As the Fair Finance International project is nearing the end of the current phase of implementation in December 2023, an evaluation is being sought to, primarily, follow up on and review the progress made towards the recommendations and action points identified since the Oxfam Fair Financial Flows Evaluation, completed in July 2019. Moreover, this review process is also envisaged to conduct an assessment of the outcomes harvesting in the FFI project. Furthermore, this Endline Review is intended to contribute to the development of a strategic approach for the next phase of implementation of the FFI project, planned for the period 2024-27.

This evaluation is being commissioned by the Fair Finance International Secretariat, based in the Netherlands, and is to be conducted in accordance with the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Development Assistant Committee (DAC) Principles for Evaluation of Development Assistance (DAC, 1991). As per these Principles, it is expected that the evaluation will be conducted by a team of independent, external professionals, in conjunction with partners of the Secretariat and coalitions in the various countries in a participatory and collaborative manner.

This request for proposals is intended for seeking quotations according to Oxfam procedures in order to identify and select the most appropriate evaluation team. This ToR describes formal and procedural requirements, as well as details specifications of the evaluation and serves as the primary source of information for parties in conducting the evaluation.


Any questions, remarks or requests for clarification can be sent to Mr. Pavle Vizintin (pavle.vizintin@oxfam.org) and Ms. Nina Rodriguez Dubsky (nina.dubsky@oxfamnovib.nl).
Quotations should reach Oxfam Novib no later than December 4th, 2022


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