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Director of People, Finance and Operations

Mama Cash

As part of the Management Team, the Director of People, Finance and Operations (DPFO) is co-responsible for the management, strategy and results of Mama Cash. The DPFO is responsible for the organisational systems and infrastructure that support the strategic objectives of Mama Cash. The purpose of the position is to contribute to Mama Cash’s overall mission and sustainability by leading and supporting seamless fiscal, operational (administration, data management, IT, facilities, etc), human resource management (HRM) and learning, monitoring and evaluation (LME) systems, procedures, and processes.
The DPFO leads and has overall responsibility for the People & Purpose (P&P) team, working closely with the Deputy DPFO on operational, financial management, HRM and organisational development related issues. The DPFO has direct management of two of the four functional areas of the team: finance & grants administration, and IT & office management. The Deputy DPFO has direct management of the other two functional areas of the team: HRM and LME.The Director has five direct reports, supervising the Deputy DPFO, Senior Finance Officer, Audit Manager, Office Manager, and Head of Digital Operations; each senior officer leads their own sub-team. The Deputy deputises for the team Director when the latter is on leave.
See the full job description with further information on the offer and requirements.
To apply for this post, please submit your CV and cover letter as two different documents to: mama-cash-director@oxfordhr.com.
Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis, there's no closing date. 


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