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Child Early and Forced Marriage: we must do better for youth's human rights

Date: 30-09-2021
Time: 2:00 PM in Amsterdam
Location: online

Child, Early and Forced Marriage violates young women’s and girl’s rights and is internationally recognized as a form of Gender-based violence that can lead to physical, mental and sexual harm.
In this side event organizers will discuss what is needed multilaterally to address structural drivers of Child, Early and Forced Marriage, build positive norms to achieve gender equality and the role that Comprehensive Sexual Education can play in ending CEFM. The webinar will focus on informed choice, respectful relationships and access to SRH services.
Organizers: As part of the Power to Youth and RHRN2 Coalitions; CHOICE for Youth and Sexuality, Rutgers, Amref, ARROW, IPPF, Sonke. Permanent Mission of Denmark to the UN in Geneva and Permanent Mission of Mexico to the UN in Geneva.
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