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What has WO=MEN achieved

We continuously work on a gender-just world in which women and girls enjoy the same rights as men and boys. To achieve this a change in the international system is needed. Citizens, (religious) leaders, governments and the business community bear responsibility for this. 


Important achievements in 2019

  • We contributed that the input of women's rights and gender equality activists was taken into account in the development of subsidy channels and the SDG 5 Fund. Shrinking funding space for women's rights and gender equality organizations around the world now gives them the option of direct funding.
  • We contributed to increased and extended funding for Women, Peace and Security programs from 16 million to 50 million. This allows women activists to receive direct funding to remain involved in the peace processes in their country and their communities.
  • We contributed to make the voice of civil society heard in the negotiations during CSW 63, with the result, among other things, that the 'human rights-based approach' has been strengthened. Due to the huge backlash from traditional states, the voice of civil society is important to maintain Beijing's declaration of rights high.
  • We have contributed to building a solid foundation for the development of NAP-IV with an explicit national dimension or pillar.
  • Together with various partners, we published the publications on Gender and IRBC and Gender and Trade. These publications contribute to the awareness to anchor Gender properly and to include it in our trade policy.
  • We have focused on innovative SDG5 awareness tools with the SDG 5 experience room and the SDG5 Gender Fact game to experience what gender equality means in daily practice.
  • We have trained young women activists and politicians in Morocco as part of the International Gender Multiparties initiative to actively participate in local and national politics.
  • In our communication we increasingly show the underlying mechanisms of exclusion and power. We contributed to good articles in various newspapers and magazines and on TV. We even contributed, with the communication team of the Women's Rights Caucus in New York, to set up a Twitter storm under the hashtag #FeministVision during CSW 63. We were trending in the United States for some time.


In our ANNUAL REPORT 2019 you can read in detail how we bring different stakeholders together and work towards achieving the results: 

  1. The national and international standards, laws, policy and implementation for gender equality and women's rights are inclusive and sustainable;
  2. Individuals and groups have an inclusive and positive image of gender equality and women's rights;
  3. A strong and active civil society plays a crucial role in transforming (power) relations in the field of gender equality;
  4. Public and private institutions promote, facilitate and respect equal participation and women's rights.




The Database contains information about gender equality, respect for women's rights and all the themes WO=MEN strives for worldwide.