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Workshops and Training Opportunities

WO=MEN fights for support of women's organizations. We do this through our lobby-activities, but also by providing information. Below you will find an overview of different workshops and training opportunities. Note: this page is for informational purposes. The workshops shown here are not managed or given by WO=MEN.
Free online training 
Find here a list of the best, free online humanitarian training in Gender-Based Violence (GBV) and Child Protection.
Scholarships (among others): training on advocacy and policy influencing and training on gender mainstreaming in development.

(English) Amnesty International - Free online courses
Amnesty International's Human Rights Education team offers two new online courses to combat gender-based violence. 
The first course, "Combatting Gender-based Violence Online," takes approximately 90 minutes to complete and is available in English, French, Spanish, Italian, and Polish. It covers the impact of technology on gender-based violence and the importance of creating safe and inclusive online spaces. 
The second course, "Confronting and Countering Gender-based Violence," takes approximately 90 minutes to complete and is available in English, French, Spanish, Hungarian, Slovenian, and Polish. Through real-world examples and interactive activities, learners will explore the root causes, impacts, and consequences of gender-based violence. 
Both courses are free and accessible to learners of all backgrounds and experience levels!
Mastercard Foundation Programme, Applications for the 2024/2025 academic year are now open — deadline - 5th of December ’23 or 5th of January ’24
The Mastercard Foundation Scholars Programme at the University of Cambridge is pleased to announce that applications for the 2024/2025 academic year are now open. The programme at the University of Cambridge is designed to provide talented students from Africa with fully funded opportunities to complete their master’s training, grow in transformative leadership, and contribute to climate resilience and sustainability in Africa and the world at large.

The programme offers scholarships which span the full range of across disciplines in Cambridge except for the following business courses: Master of Business Administration (MBA), Master of Corporate Law (MCL), Master of Finance (MFin).

Eligibility: To be eligible for this scholarship you 
  • Must be acitizen of an African country,Must be ordinarily resident in an African country unless you can show temporary absence for study/work with an intention to return, or unless you have been displaced.Must be applying for a Master’s course of up to one year in length, at the University of Cambridge. 

Application Process
The Application process commences with an application for admission to the University of Cambridge via the course directory, to be completed by the funding deadline of the course.

The application for funding is imbedded in the course application process. 
As part of the application process, prospective scholars will be required to provide a supplementary statement that indicates their personal commitment to contributing to climate-resilient and sustainable futures for Africa.

The deadline for submitting applications for funding is the 5th of December 2023 for courses with a 5th of December deadline and 5th of January 2024 for courses with a 5th of January deadline. When making an application, pay close attention to the funding deadline. For any application related inquiries, please check the FAQ section of the website. If the response to your query is not resolved from the available responses, please email

(English) Feminist Edge - Professional Development for Gender Trainers at KIT Royal Tropical Institute
Feminist Edge offers professional development for gender trainers that re-captures and re-imagines gender training, as a feminist project, establishing a new approach to training for gender equality. We reposition training for gender equality as a strategy to challenge and engender mainstream development and support the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).  
The programme addresses the need to (re)claim autonomous spaces for feminist knowledge production and challenges development policy makers and practitioners to re-think how to address social and gender inequity to ensure that "no one is left behind.” Feminist Edge focusses both on the practice of gender training and on its conceptual underpinnings. 
START 12 February 2024 
END 9 August 2024
DURATION Six months
LOCATION Blended course (online + 1 week face-to-face at KIT Royal Tropical Institute in Amsterdam)
FEE EUR 5.950,-
For more information about the programme & the sign up, visit the KIT Royal Tropical Institute website.

University of Groningen - Free online Dutch course available

Now that the influx of Ukrainian refugees to the Netherlands is increasing, the Language Centre of the University of Groningen would like to meet the need that may arise among this group to learn the Dutch language. It has therefore decided to make the free online beginners' course 'Introduction to Dutch' permanently available for the time being. This means that anyone can start the course at any time.
The course lasts three weeks and is intended for anyone who wants to learn Dutch. Subjects such as introducing yourself and telling about family, friends, work or study are covered and short films give an impression of living in the Netherlands. You can register for free here.

This fellowship supports outstanding civic innovators—leaders who are working with their communities to create transformational change and addressing some of the world’s most pressing problems. The program selects 20 community-minded rising stars from around the world for a two-year, non-residential program, designed to amplify the impact of their work and inspire a wave of civic innovation. The non-residential Obama Fellowship offers hands-on training, resources, and leadership development to help Fellows scale the impact of their work. Fellows participate in four multi-day gatherings where they collaborate with each other, connect with potential partners, and collectively push their work forward. Throughout the program, each Fellow pursues a personalized plan to leverage the Fellowship experience to take their work to the next level. More information here.

The Database contains information about gender equality, respect for women's rights and all the themes WO=MEN strives for worldwide.