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Gender, Peace and Security

The position and security needs of women, men and gender non-conforming persons are not equal in conflict or post-conflict situations. We advocate that everyone is equally represented and adequately protected. In addition, we advocate for women to be able to meaningfully participate in conflict prevention, conflict resolution, peace processes and reconstruction of society. 

Unequal power relations and gender roles are often a root cause of conflict. People are still excluded from education, work or land based on their sex, class, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, skin colour, disability and/or age: this exclusion can result in conflict. The Arab Spring, for example, was partly caused by the lack of perspectives for the youth.  Young men and women were unable to meet the social and cultural preconditions to get married and start a family because they were unemployed. Their anger fed many uprisings during the Arab Spring. At the same time peace negotiations often fail to address the root causes of conflict, and the needs of the local population are inadequately reflected in peace processes, if at all. We currently observe this in, for example, Yemen, Afghanistan and South Sudan.

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The Database contains information about gender equality, respect for women's rights and all the themes WO=MEN strives for worldwide.