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WO=MEN fights for good financing. We do this through our lobby-activities, but also by providing information. Below you will find an overview of different funds and financing options. Note: this page is for informational purposes. The funds shown here are not managed by WO=MEN.
Urgent Action Fund - Asia & Pacific - Grants For Sri Lanka - coming 3 weeks
Urgent Action Fund Asia and Pacific is deeply concerned about the spiralling political, economic and humanitarian crisis in Sri Lanka. Women and non-binary human rights defenders are in a precarious situation, among vulnerable communities, due to sky rocketing food and fuel prices, shortages of food, electricity, fuel and transport facilities; scarcity of drugs, and medical equipment. We have already identified and allocated resources to support Sri Lankan women and non-binary human rights defenders in need of support with grants for their security, well-being and resilience. To apply for urgent grants, please take this short eligibility assessment quiz, and follow the link offered to lodge an application on the secure grants database. To know more about UAF grants, please refer to
The Women’s Peace and Humanitarian Fund - Call for Proposals in Sudan - 15 MAY 2022

The Women’s Peace & Humanitarian Fund is excited to announce its latest Call for Proposals in Sudan to enhance the role of civil society organizations in advocating for and ensuring the local implementation of WPS commitments; accelerate women’s leadership in peacebuilding; and strengthen the capacity of local organizations working on gender-specific issues in conflict and crisis contexts. WPHF seeks to fund qualifying national and local civil society organizations in Sudan – leading projects in the states of South Darfur, North Darfur, Blue Nile, and in the cities of Gedaref and Port Sudan – through the following funding streams:

  • Programmatic funding from 30,000 USD to 200,000 USD- To finance programmatic activities of civil society organizations working to (i) enhance the role of civil society organizations in advocating for and ensuring accountability on WPS commitments (aligned with WPHF impact area 1); or (ii) increase representation and leadership of women in formal and informal peace processes and/or the implementation of peace agreements (aligned with WPHF impact area 4).
  • Institutional funding from 2,500 USD to 30,000 USD - To reinforce the institutional capacity of local civil society organizations working on the implementation of the Women, Peace, and Security Agenda in Sudan to ensure they are able to sustain themselves and to improve their impact (aligned with WPHF impact area 1).
More information on this call is available here.
The Sage Fund - Request for proposal - deadline May 16

The fund invites two-page concept notes from organizations and movements primarily in the Global South piloting innovative efforts and building cross-movement capacity to hold economic actors accountable to human rights.
The Fund will make up to 5-7 grants of US $70,000 - $100,000 each, for 12-18 months, to organizations or partnerships with primary leadership in the Global South that are designed to achieve at least one of the following:
  •  Seed promising approaches for strengthening human rights accountability in the global economy, particularly for corporations, investors, and other non-state actors,
  • Advance understanding of key challenges or emerging issues, and identify opportunities to strengthen the human rights framework in response,
  • Strengthen cross-movement collaboration to challenge corporate power and shift power to workers and communities, with the goal of ultimately transforming the global economy into a more equitable and sustainable one.
 Find more information here.

GreenWorks Fund for Just Transition (GFJT) - Applications - June 15 2022
The GreenWorks Program is launching a GreenWorks Fund for Just Transition (GFJT) aiming to support Small & Growing Businesses that contribute to the green transition process in Algeria, Egypt or Tunisia. The GFJT is a fund managed by Hivos’ GreenWorks Program that offers conditional equity-free cash induction to support the scalability of Small and Growing Businesses (SGBs) that contribute to the Green Transition process while incentivizing other potential financiers (Commercial and Non-Commercial) to co-invest in the GFJT supported SGBs.

In order to make this free-equity fund as much beneficial as possible, the GFJT can match between 50% to 100% of commercial and non-commercial investments about to be secured by Green SGBs with a ceiling of EUR 50,000. For example, for every EUR 1 secured by the SGB, the GFJT can offer between EUR 0.5 and EUR 1. The specific ratio will be decided based on the quality of the application and the potential of green job creation.

The beneficiaries of this fund can be Small and Growing Businesses (SGBs) operating in the green economy* (operating in renewable energy, sustainable food and waste management) that fit the following criteria:
  • SGBs must be legally incorporated and registered in Algeria, Egypt and/or Tunisia.
  • SGBs must have a minimum of 3 full time employees and expect to create new or support 20 existing jobs within 6 months.
  • SGBs must have other financing leads in their pipeline where the GFJT funds can be used to leverage (for example: advanced negotiations with angel networks or VCs, loan applications to commercial banks, applications to other grants etc…)
More information and application here.

The Women’s Peace and Humanitarian Fund - Call for Proposals in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Tajikistan - 17 JUNE 2022

WPHF seeks to fund qualifying local organizations and innovative, impact-driven projects led by and implemented alongside forcibly displaced women and girls in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Tajikistan through the following funding streams:

  • Institutional funding from 2,500 USD to 30,000 USD
  • To reinforce the institutional capacity of local civil society organizations that have a specific focus on women and young women in forced displacement in their mission, that have project activities that are led by women and young women who are forcibly displaced and/or that have displaced women and young women as staff members (aligned with WPHF impact area 1).
  • Programmatic funding from 30,000 USD to 200,000 USD
  • To finance programmatic activities of civil society organizations that contribute to socio-economic recovery, participation and leadership of women and young women in forced displacement (aligned with WPHF impact area 6).

This WPHF Call for Proposals is linked to the Action Network on Forced Displacement – Women as Agents of Change led by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). Grantees will be invited to participate in related activities of the Action Network.
More information on this call is available here.

Ukrainian Women’s Fund - rapid response grants - ongoing
Since the early days of the war, the Ukrainian Women’s Fund has been supporting women’s/feminist organisations with rapid response grants, issuing four to five grants a day.  These grants are helping non-governmental women’s/feminist organisations respond to urgent humanitarian issues, with a focus on the needs of vulnerable women and girls. This support has enabled grantee organisations to procure and distribute food, water, medicines, hygiene products, utensils, linens, and other basic items, as well as to provide emergency psychosocial and transportation services. They provide this assistance daily to women and their families fleeing the war, particularly to vulnerable groups such as women and girls with disabilities, those caring for children with disabilities, those who have been wounded, LGBTQI+ populations, and activists remaining in place. The competition has no deadlines. UWF encourages all women’s/feminist organisations to apply and will provide a response within 72 hours of receiving the request. For security reasons, grantee details are not being disclosed at this time.

More information on the grants is available here.
Girls Opportunity Alliance Fund - crowdsource funding - ongoing
A platform for grassroots leaders to seek funding for projects to help break down the physical, cultural, and financial barriers that keep girls from getting an education and fulfilling their potential. Funds from the Girls Opportunity Alliance Fund will go toward projects ranging from mentoring girls in Uganda to hiring educators in India to covering school-related expenses for girls in Guatemala. The paths and techniques to support these girls may be different, but they all share a common goal: to ensure that adolescent girls are able to achieve an education and fulfill their potential.
Donation page and an overview of projects here.
To apply for crowdsources funding, use the form on this page.
Challenge Fund for Youth Employment - Co-investment and Technical Assistance - ongoing
The Challenge Fund for Youth Employment makes a deliberate point of creating equal opportunities for young women in the job market; they have an explicit gender component to ensure that 50% of the young people reached by the Fund are young women. Analysing and understanding the gender dimension of youth unemployment is critical, and require Implementing Partners to present a targeted strategy for ensuring women are not just considered and included, but actively benefit from their project. The contribution of the Challenge Fund, either though co-investment, technical assistance or a combination of both, will range from 10% to 50% of the total project budget. The minimum contribution by the Fund will be Euro 100,000 and there is an expectation that projects will provide prospects for at least 250 youth. More information here.

Wilde Ganzen - Financial support private development initiatives - ongoing
Wilde Ganzen Foundation supports hundreds of small-scale philanthropic initiatives. These projects are co-created by community-based organisations in the Global South and their Dutch partners (mostly "private development initiatives”). We value equal partnerships based on mutuality, complementarity and trust. Wilde Ganzen Foundation welcomes new partnerships year-round. Please note: Project proposals can only be submitted by organisations from countries that are eligible to receive official development assistance (as listed on the DAC list of ODA Recipients), together with a Dutch partner organisation.  More information here.

Women’s Peace and Humanitarian Fund - Rapid Response Window: Short-Term Grants - ongoing
The Short-Term Grants stream is an opportunity for civil society organizations to implement urgent projects that address diverse barriers to women’s meaningful participation in a formal peace process or implementation of a peace agreement. Grants are awarded up to 100,000 USD for a maximum period of 6 months, and the stream is open to all ODA-eligible countries where formal peace processes or the implementation of peace agreements are taking place. The grants will be implemented with the support of 4 INGO partners, whose technical expertise and global reach will strengthen the impact of the RRW: Conciliation Resources, Cordaid, Netherlands Institute for Multiparty Diplomacy (NIMD), and the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF).  There is no deadline for applications. The RRW is demand driven and accepts submissions on a rolling basis. Apply here.
Women’s Peace and Humanitarian Fund - Rapid Response Window: Direct support - ongoing
Direct Support (currently open for applications) up to $25,000 USD. The RRW directly finances the provision of services to ensure women’s access and influence in track 1 and track 2 peace processes. This includes logistical and technical support that would increase the likelihood of a woman CSO representative to actively participate in or influence a peace process or the implementation of a peace agreement – such as the cost of travel arrangements, childcare, access for persons with disabilities, interpretation needs, expert advisory support, etc. Please note, financing for CSO projects is not eligible under the Direct Support Stream. Successful applicants receive services, not funding. Services are purchased and arranged directly by the WPHF RRW Secretariat on behalf of selected applicants. website
Global Fund for Women - ongoing
Are you curious about our grantmaking application process? The Global Fund for Women supports movements for gender justice and fund feminist, grassroots initiatives and organizations. Please carefully review its application process, criteria, and priorities here. As a #FeministFunder, the Fund strives to be transparent about its process, to advocate so women‘s funds offer more and better funding, and to connect folks to the right funding. More fundraising resources listed here.
Haëlla fund with guts - ongoing
Do you, like us, dream of a better world? A world where everyone has the right to a good life. A peaceful world in which there is respect for each other, for each other's faith and background and in which we take care of vulnerable people and our environment. And do you have a concrete plan to contribute to this and do you need help to realize your project? Then you can request an amount up to a maximum of 2,500 euros from the Haëlla Foundation, on a total budget of a maximum of 50,000 euros. You can apply digitally on this website.
Het Actie Fonds - Urgent Applications
Are you organising an action to draw attention to an urgent issue? Or to react to sudden political or societal developments? And weren’t you able to apply for funding sooner because your action has to be organised immediately? In that case we can treat your application as an urgent application. With an urgent application you can request an amount up to 250 euros. A decision concerning your request will be made within days. Please note: this option is specifically meant for unforeseen situations, not for last minute funding for actions that are already prepared. Apply here.
U.S. Embassy The Hague Public Affairs Section Small Grants Program - ongoing
The U.S. Embassy The Hague Public Affairs Section of the U.S. Department of State has funding available through the Embassy’s public diplomacy grants program. Grants are intended for local representatives of civil society, including non-governmental organizations and universities.  They support projects to: Ensure shared responsibility for international security and strengthen the cohesion of the Western Alliance; Strengthen economic prosperity; Advance energy security; Deepen the commitment to our shared values. Most grants considered are between $5,000 and $25,000. For more information, check out the website here.
GWI Hegg Hoffet Fund - ongoing
The GWI Hegg Hoffet Fund provides assistance to women graduates and, in special cases, women tertiary students, who have been displaced as a result of war or political upheavals, natural disasters, or other serious emergencies. Short term grants to individual women graduates, and in special cases women tertiary students, are offered for refresher courses for re-entry into the candidate’s professional field, retraining courses if the candidate is not able to practice her previous profession, lay courses for integration into the new country and courses necessary to pass required national exams in the new country. More information on the website.
Urgent Action Funds - ongoing
Urgent Action Fund’s Rapid Response Grants resource the resilience of human rights and gender justice movements by supporting the security and advocacy interventions of activists when a swift response is needed. Specifically, Rapid Response Grants offer quick, flexible funding to respond to security threats or unexpected advocacy opportunities experienced by women, transgender, or gender non-conforming, activists and human rights defenders. More information on the website.

The Database contains information about gender equality, respect for women's rights and all the themes WO=MEN strives for worldwide.