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Plans and reports

WO=MEN is a transparent organisation: Information on its organisational structure, programmes and plans, and annual reports are publicly available. You will also find information here about our association, our Child Protection Policy, GDPR and Privacy.
Multi year plan
Multi-year plan 2022-2026 (Dutch)
Multi-year plan 2018-2021 (Dutch)
Jaarplan 2024 (Dutch)
Jaarplan 2023 (Dutch) 
Jaarplan 2022 (Dutch)
Jaarplan 2021 (Dutch)
Annual Report/Annual Accounts

Annual Report 2023 (Dutch)
Annual Report 2022 (Dutch)
Annual report 2021 (Dutch)
Annual report 2020 (English)
Annual report 2019 (Dutch)
Annual report 2019 (English)
Annual Report 2018 (Dutch)
Annual report 2018 (English)
Annual Report 2017 (Dutch) 

Theory of Change
Theory of Change

Articles of Association
Amendment to the Articles of Association 2016
Members of the Supervisory Board
Child Protection Policy


GDPR and Privacy
Privacy Policy
About the GDPR



The Database contains information about gender equality, respect for women's rights and all the themes WO=MEN strives for worldwide.