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In order to achieve worldwide gender equality and respect for women's rights we fight against entrenched role patterns, racism and exclusion. Together with our partners and members we demand continuous attention for the impact of gender equality on conflict, climate and the environment. We also fight against the shrinking space available for gender equality and women's rights activists. 

We are convinced that we can achieve the best results by working together and sharing knowledge. Consequently, we focus on three objectives:

  1. Gender equality is under pressure worldwide. We support activists and organisations that fight for greater control in the social, political and financial domains. 
  2. Women and gender non-conforming persons are often exploited. We strive for an economy that is sustainable and gender-just. 
  3. Often, the rights of women, men and gender non-conform persons are not equal in conflict or post-conflict situations. We ensure that people are justly represented and can contribute to the reconstruction. 





The Database contains information about gender equality, respect for women's rights and all the themes WO=MEN strives for worldwide.