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Beyond Barriers: The Brave Pursuit of Education by Afghan Girls – Rise, educate, thrive: change manifest


To commemorate Women’s History Month, co-authors Hasina Safi and Storai Tapesh turned their spotlight to the profound struggles and resilience of Afghan school-age girls whose pursuit of education faces unprecedented challenges under Taliban rule since 2021.  
For the ‘Rise, educate, thrive: change manifesto’ Safi and Tapesh interviewed eight young Afghan girls whose stories illuminate the harsh realities they confront daily in their pursuit of education. Gender apartheid not only denies them education but also silences their voices and curtails their freedoms in the broader societal context. 


Once able to enjoy fundamental rights such as attending school, sports, accessing parks and gyms, traveling without a male escort, and walking freely without fear, the girls now face severe restrictions imposed by the Taliban, through their restrictive policies and conservative outlook towards women’s rights.  For over 1000 daysAfghanistan has been the only country globally where all girls are prohibited from education beyond grade six, starting at age 12 


Wazhma, Aisha, Muzdalifa, and their peers symbolize the struggle of countless Afghan girls, calling for global solidarity. Their fight transcends borders, demanding immediate attention from leaders and organizations worldwide. 

Read the complete ‘Beyond Barriers: The Brave Pursuit of Education by Afghan Girls – Rise, educate, thrive: change manifest’ here 

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