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Launch of the MPI SRHR and HIV/AIDS

Date: 04-10-2021
Time: 14.00-15.30
Location: Nieuwspoort in The Hague

Fundamental rights and freedoms are under pressure worldwide. The Taliban victory raises concerns for women's rights in the country, sexual violence is being used in the war in Ethiopian Tigray, as well as in the US. reproductive rights are restricted. In addition, the pressure on sexual and reproductive health services has increased due to the corona pandemic.
During the launch of the MPI, new spokespersons for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation will enter into discussions with Dutch experts and local partners. What can we learn from the MPI of the previous reign? How can the Netherlands effectively support local partners? And what will the new spokespersons focus on in the coming period?
With interventions from:
• Alexander Hammelburg (D66) and Anne Kuik (CDA)
• Lisa de Pagter, Senior Advocacy Officer Rutgers
• Martha Woldie, program manager Amref Ethiopia
• Sara Abou Zaki, Program Manager Marsa Lebanon
Moderation by Mickey Andeweg, Global Advocacy Officer Hivos