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CSW 65: Impressions by our members

Because of Covid this year's CSW 65 was an online event. Find some impressions by our members here.
Impression 1

FREE PRESS UNLIMITED: Countering gender-stereotyping: media's role and connections with regulatory frameworks - 25 MARCH 2021
On March 25th, Free Press Unlimited (FPU) partnered with Global Forum for Media Development (GFMD), International Media Development (IMS), SembraMedia, Fondation Hirondelle and Canal France International (CFI) to host a discussion on gender stereotyping and the role that media plays in creating or countering dominant and traditional narratives about gender roles within soci eties. The  session also explored the possibilities within regulatory frameworks, looking at ways that regulation can stimulate media organisations to become more inclusive without meddling too much with content itself. Together with five speakers, each of whom are involved with gender in the media in a different way, a fruitful discussion took place.
An interesting outcome from the session was that the issues faced by the speakers from around the world were all similar in their patriarchal undertones, but differed according to context. However, overall the participation of women in the media is still too low, for example that only 1/5 of experts interviewed for news stories are women, as noted by Chiara Adamo, head of the European Commission’s "Gender, Human Rights and Democratic Governance” unit. Such statistics have been known for a long time now, but to this day change has been very slow.

Impression 2
PAX: The Role of Women Leaders: How to increase women participation in the military and peacekeeping - 25 MARCH 2021

Over the past decades, inequality and the marginalization of women and girls have significant impacts on peace and security dynamics, both for individuals and communities. Despite international commitments to increase women’s participation, including in UN peacekeeping, these pledges often remain under-fulfilled. At the same time, we have seen the fierce force for peace, justice, and innovation that women can be when they are able to directly and actively participate in peace processes. On March 25, PAX’s General Director Anna Timmerman presented concrete steps to break down current barriers and ideas for how to ensure women’s full, equal, and - most importantly - meaningful participation for peace. Her speech at the CSW65 side-event "The Role of Women Leaders: How to increase women participation in the military and peacekeeping” was co-hosted by the Governments of Latvia, Canada, Liberia, the Maldives, and Norway. 
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Impression 3:

Partnerships to Accelerate Global Action to End FGM/C by 2030
By Bertine Pries, Manager Advocacy, Amref Netherlands, 24 MARCH 2021
This event was organised by The Global Platform for Action to End FGM/C with Amref Health Africa as one of the founding members of the Platform. Female genital mutilation/cutting (FGM/C) is a global concern, practiced in at least 92 countries, which requires a global response. That’s why civil society organizations, activists and survivors from all continents started this Global Platform two years ago during a pre-conference at Women Deliver 2019 to build global collective action to end FGM/C by 2030. 
The lively discussion on FGM/C with activists, survivors, professionals and youth from four continents was moderated by Dr. Tammary Esho, Director of the Amref Health Africa End FGM/C Centre of Excellence in Nairobi.
Religion and medicalisation
The first speaker, Atashendartini Habsjah (researcher and advocate focusing on sexual and reproductive health and rights of girls) addressed the role of religion and medicalisation in FGM/C in Indonesia. With other women’s health activists she has worked together with religious leaders, doctors and midwives who play a key role in the practice of FGM/C, and are essential stakeholders in efforts to end FGM/C. As a result of their work, Atashendartini and her colleagues have received political commitment from Ministries within the government who published guidelines on FGM/C as harmful practice.
Youth leadership
The power of youth in the global work to end FGM/C was made very clear! Aya Chebbi (panAfrican feminist) and Alya Harding (Youth Ambassador for the End FGM European Network) had a lively fireside chat with Aissata Camara (Executive Vice President of There Is No Limit Foundation) about bringing young people to the table. "Facilitate inter-generational discussions,” said Alya. Aya also mentioned inter-generational co-leadership: "We want to end this in our generation with the support of other generations. Put young people in leadership positions to do their work in communities and bring decision-makers in the space of young people so they can eventually championing our agenda.” 

You can view the recording of the session "Partnerships to Accelerate Global Action to End FGM/C by 2030: a CSW65 virtual parallel event” below.
And don’t forget to watch the poem "Dear Fathers and Brothers”, by Josephine Kiaga. 


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