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Dutch National Action Plan 1325 (NAP-IV)

Dutch National Action Plan 1325
The Dutch National Action Plan (NAP) 1325 is a partnership between the Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Defence, Education, Culture and Science, Justice and Security, the police and over 60 Dutch civil society organizations. The NAP 1325 contains our joint commitments to implement UN Security Council Resolution 1325 and its successive resolutions, as well as other international obligations and commitments on ‘Women, Peace and Security’. Such as CEDAW General Recommendation 30 and the UN Arms Trade Treaty.

With the NAP 1325, Dutch government and CSOs have committed to support women, men and youth in conflict affected countries in their efforts for inclusive peace and security. The NAP 1325 so-called ‘Signatories’ do this in close cooperation with Dutch missions and local women’s organisations, human rights defenders and peacebuilders in (post)conflict countries. But also in the Netherlands.

The NAP 1325-IV for the period 2021 to 2025 is the fourth Dutch National Action Plan. Previously, National Action Plans were in force for the period 2008-2011, for the period 2012-2015 and for the period 2016-2019/2020.

Read the fourth National Action Plan here.
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