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Workshops en Trainingen

WO=MEN strijdt voor goede ondersteuning van vrouwenorganisaties. Wij doen dit door ons lobbywerk, maar ook door het geven van informatie. Hieronder vindt je een overzicht van verschillende workshops en trainingen. Let op: deze pagina is ter informatie. Deze trainingen worden niet beheerd door WO=MEN. 

Free online training 
Find here a list of the best, free online humanitarian training in Gender-Based Violence (GBV) and Child Protection.

Scholarships (among others): training on advocacy and policy influencing and training on gender mainstreaming in development.
(English) Amnesty International - Free online courses
Amnesty International's Human Rights Education team offers two new online courses to combat gender-based violence. 
The first course, "Combatting Gender-based Violence Online," takes approximately 90 minutes to complete and is available in English, French, Spanish, Italian, and Polish. It covers the impact of technology on gender-based violence and the importance of creating safe and inclusive online spaces. 
The second course, "Confronting and Countering Gender-based Violence," takes approximately 90 minutes to complete and is available in English, French, Spanish, Hungarian, Slovenian, and Polish. Through real-world examples and interactive activities, learners will explore the root causes, impacts, and consequences of gender-based violence. 
Both courses are free and accessible to learners of all backgrounds and experience levels!

(English) SOIN Network - SDG Advocacy School 2023
Civil society plays a crucial role in achieving the 2030 Agenda and its Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). To maximize its impact and effectively address the challenges ahead, civic activists must enhance their knowledge and skills in advocacy and campaigning.
The Social Innovation for Eastern Europe Network (SOIN) is thrilled to announce the launch of the Advocacy School 2023 in Moldova, taking place in June. This open call invites advocates from across the region to apply with their innovative ideas and connect with partners from Germany, Belarus, Moldova, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Ukraine. Through the program, participants will gain insights into different advocacy approaches and identify those best suited to their political context and available resources.
Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity to take your advocacy skills to the next level. Apply now and join SOIN in building a more sustainable future for all!
The SDG Advocacy School 2023 will center around the following key themes:
  • Advocacy
    Explore innovative strategies and tools to encourage governments, administrations, and society to adopt and implement the SDGs
  • Networking
    Connect with fellow advocates, share experiences, and exchange insights on the most pressing challenges and opportunities in the field
  • Campaigning
    Discover effective ways to communicate and engage with diverse audiences, and amplify the message of the SDGs through creative and impactful campaigns
Where and when is it happening?
The SDG Advocacy School will be held in Moldova (Chisinau and Riscova) from June 18-23. The program covers the cost of your travel and accommodation.
Who can participate?
Civic actors, representatives of NGOs and grassroots initiatives, researchers, and experts from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, and Ukraine who are currently planning or running advocacy activities that are connected to the SDG topics locally, nationally and/or internationally.
How to apply?
Submit the application form by May 24, 2023. Confirmation of the participation will be sent to elected participants by 30th of May, 2023.
Find more information here.

(English) Gender Security Project - Feminist Foreign Policy: Online Course
Since 2014, 12 countries have adopted Feminist Foreign Policies. However, a lot more needs to be done in prioritizing feminism in feminist foreign policies. While some countries focused on providing aid, some chose to add women and stir. Instead of choosing to engage with feminist values and focusing on intersectionality and peace, these policies continued to normalize "feminism-lite” agendas. In reality, women and non-binary people in the global south have been "doing" feminist foreign policy for generations now. Movements ranging from resisting colonialism to practicing food sovereignty, from inclusive lawmaking to deploying international law in pushing for their rights - the wealth of knowledge embodied in praxis in the majority world must be centered. 
As a new field, Feminist Foreign Policies have been the site of much experimentation and there have been sites of discussion and conversation around what it might entail. The gap in knowledge overall also coexists alongside the fact that the majority world has been the site of several examples of Feminist Foreign Policies - but the general notion of not seeing this part of the world as knowledge producers has prevented much of this knowledge from being centered as a norm. 
​This course recognizes and tries to address these gaps and takes a deep dive into the field to build strong understandings of Feminist Foreign Policy as a concept. It offers a comprehensive overview of feminist foreign policies as they exist, presents the building blocks of such policies, and presents lessons from rich examples from the majority world.

Course Outline
The course will be offered online via Zoom, over Four Saturdays, and will run in June and September 2023. The dates and timings are as follows:
  • June 3 / 10 / 17 / 24, 2023
  • Sept 9 / 16 / 23 / 30, 2023​
Deadline for application: May 25 (June Intake); August 25 (September Intake) 
15:00 - 17:00 Hours
Cost: Rs. 4,000 (If you are unable to afford this fee, let's talk! Write to us at
For more information, visit the Gender Security Project website.
Sign up here!

University of Groningen - Gratis online cursus Nederlands beschikbaar
Nu de toestroom van Oekraïense vluchtelingen naar Nederland steeds groter wordt, wil het Talencentrum van de Rijksuniversiteit Groningen graag voorzien in de behoefte die onder deze groep kan ontstaan om de Nederlandse taal te leren. Men heeft daarom besloten om de gratis online beginnerscursus ‘Introduction to Dutch’ voorlopig permanent beschikbaar te maken. Dit betekent dat iedereen kan beginnen met de cursus op elk gewenst moment.
De cursus duurt drie weken en is bedoeld voor iedereen die Nederlands wil leren. Onderwerpen als zichzelf voorstellen en vertellen over familie, vrienden, werk of studie komen aan de orde en korte films geven een indruk van het wonen en leven in Nederland. Gratis inschrijven kan hier.

Obama Foundation Fellowship - doorlopend

Deze beurs steunt uitmuntende burgerlijke vernieuwers-leiders die samen met hun gemeenschappen werken aan transformationele verandering en een aantal van de meest urgente problemen in de wereld aanpakken. Het programma selecteert 20 rijzende sterren van over de hele wereld voor een niet-residentieel programma van twee jaar, dat bedoeld is om de impact van hun werk te vergroten en een golf van burgerinnovatie op gang te brengen. Het niet-residentiële Obama Fellowship biedt praktische training, middelen en leiderschapsontwikkeling om de Fellows te helpen de impact van hun werk te vergroten. Fellows nemen deel aan vier meerdaagse bijeenkomsten waar ze met elkaar samenwerken, in contact komen met potentiële partners, en gezamenlijk hun werk vooruit helpen. Tijdens het programma maakt elke Fellow een persoonlijk plan om de Fellowship-ervaring te benutten om hun werk naar een hoger niveau te tillen. Meer informatie hier.

In de Kennisbank vind je meer informatie over wereldwijde gendergelijkheid, respect voor vrouwenrechten en alle thema’s waar WO=MEN zich voor inzet.