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WILPF Blog: Afghanistan and Yemen at the FFP Community Festival

WO=MEN Dutch Gender Platform organised the Feminist Foreign Policy Community Festival ahead of the conference on 31 October, giving space and opportunity to civil society organisations – WILPF included – to share their views on what a truly feminist foreign policy should look like. Along with its partners, PAX for Peace, Peace Track Initiative (PTI-Yemen) and WILPF Afghanistan (in exile), WILPF held an event titled "Feminist Foreign Policy and the Prevention of Gender Persecution”, focusing on the experiences of women’s rights activists from Afghanistan and Yemen. At the event, discussions were held on militarised masculinities in these two contexts and how the use of the concept of gender persecution can help advocacy around women’s rights. 
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In de Kennisbank vind je meer informatie over wereldwijde gendergelijkheid, respect voor vrouwenrechten en alle thema’s waar WO=MEN zich voor inzet.