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Gender focal point, Special Tribunal for Lebanon

STL GFP: Could you please give us some insight into your organization and what you do?

WO=MEN is a member -based organization. We have about 200 members, of which 50 are civil society organizations and 150 individual members. These institutional members are development organizations, peace building organizations, women’s rights, feminist organizations, but also networks like Men Engage, diaspora organizations, volunteer organizations and women- led organizations. The individual members are students, academics, female police or military, journalists, peace activists, women’s rights activists. It’s a big mixture of people. The secretariat is located in The Hague, with ten people working here. All of our advocacy and programming work is done in collaboration with our members. The three main topics that we deal with right now are: 1) gender, peace and security, 2) gender and sustainable economy and 3) sustainable support for women’s rights and gender equality, covering not only financial resources but also political will and support for women’s rights. We are also the co-coordinator of the Dutch National Action Plan of 1325, together with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

STL GFP: What more can be done to address issues of violence against women on the policy level from a Dutch perspective?

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In de Kennisbank vind je meer informatie over wereldwijde gendergelijkheid, respect voor vrouwenrechten en alle thema’s waar WO=MEN zich voor inzet.