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A Feminist Perspective on financing Militarization

Datum: 05-09-2022
Tijd: 7-8.30 PM (CEST)
Locatie: Online

Military spending worldwide has been consecutively increasing for the past 7 years. In 2021 it reached an all-time high of $2.1 trillion. Not much attention has been given in politics to how this increased military spending impacts other dimensions like welfare or gender equality. There is a need to reflect on military spending from a feminist political economy perspective. With this online event, we will look at trends among European governments to deliver weapons to Ukraine and elsewhere as well as increase their defense budget.
  • Heidi Meinzolt will reflect on: 'What are the impacts of having increased military budget spending on the available budget for social welfare, environmental sustainability and on gender equality from a cross-dimensional feminist perspective?'.
  • Anne-Floor Dekker will answer: 'What are the impacts of an arms race (not only regarding Ukraine) on women’s rights?'.
  • Annemarie Sancar will focus on: What are the unintended and not considered impacts including harmful consequences of military budgets, and what are the democratic possibilities in western States to control and regulate money flows?'.

Practicalities: 7-8.30 PM (CEST) Monday 5 September 2022, organized by WIDE+, in English. Click here to Register. For more about the speakers: WIDE+ website.

The event is part of WIDE+ new webseminar series "Feminist reflections to promote peace in Ukraine and beyond".
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