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ALV Public event: Feminist Foreign Policy and Trade: add women and stir? 

Datum: 21-11-2022
Tijd: 15.00 – 16.30
Locatie: Social Impact Factory, Vredenburg 40, Utrecht

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Trade and trade agreements are necessary for societies and economies to prosper. However, the race to the bottom activities in current trade regimes, do not work for the planet and its people. Feminist Foreign Policy (FFP) has the potential to address structural power imbalances throughout all aspects of a foreign policy. This includes the trade agenda. But what does that look like in practice?  Please join us for a multistakeholder dialogue on the question: How can a Feminist Foreign Policy positively impact current challenges of trade policies?   
Key note speech: Fatimah Kelleher - Senior International Women's Rights Strategic and Technical

Panel discussion:  
  • Lotte Harmanni  - Coordinator Gender and Responsible Business Conduct, RVO (Dutch Enterprise Agency)  
  • Andrea Torres  - Colombian lawyer and co-director Fundación NydiaErika Bautista (FNEB)   
  • Mirian Keuning - Deputy Director International Affairs at VNO NCW 

  • Trade and Investment Policy Officer at Both ENDS

The discussion will be summarized with a live illustration by Drawin’.

Please join us for drinks afterwards!