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Communicating Lived Realities and Making Change through Art

Datum: 31-10-2023
Tijd: 13:30 - 15:00 uur
Locatie: The Grey Space in the Middle, Paviljoensgracht 20-24, Den Haag

This session is all about discussing theory and practice of using arts in activism: artivism. OVOF focuses on creating space to hear the voices of structurally silenced and excluded communities. How are different art forms used in online and offline spaces to amplify voices and make real change? Interact with two amazing artivists from India and Uganda to learn from their realities, strategies and their work.

  • Interactive panel conversation with artivists from India and Uganda
  • Artivism in action using poetry and painting guided by Juliet Kushaba

Mercy Otekra is a young intersectional feminist from Kenya. She works at UHAI, EASHRI, Africa’s first indigenous activist fund supporting sexual and gender minorities and sex worker human rights. She passionate about creating safe spaces for girls and young women that encourage intergenerational learning and agency.

Shabani Hassanwalia is a feminist film maker and writer from India. She is the chief editor and producer for the feminist think tank The Third Eye, powered by Nirantar, Centre for Gender and Education in India. The Third Eye is an online and offline feminist learning, training and exchange space. Her feature documentaries include Being Bhaijaan (2014), Gali (2017) and Out of Thin Air (2009).
Juliet Kushaba is a Ugandan feminist activist, scholar, and creative writer. Some of her activism stories have been published by Uganda Women Writers Association - FEMRITE in Uganda, AWID, MaThoko Books in South Africa, and in Crossroads an anthology by a US-based Publisher. Themes she addresses in her writivism include: FGM (female genital mutilation), queer rights, and GBV (gender based violence). In 2013, Juliet was named 1st Reserve for the Miles Morland Writing Scholarship for African Writers. She works with ArtVism, a feminist arts-for-social-justice organization in Uganda. ArtVism uses art forms including poetry, painting, photography, installation, crafts and short stories to advance the social justice cause of structurally excluded women in the country.   
Dit evenement wordt georganiseerd als onderdeel van het Feminist Foreign Policy Community Festival (#FFPCommunityFestival). Zie voor het hele festivalprogramma de FFP Community Festival webpagina
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