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Connecting trans experiences to transform policy

Datum: 13-05-2022
Tijd: 12:00 PM in Amsterdam
Locatie: Volkshotel Amsterdam

The Conference against Transphobia will focus on making change. With the violence that transgender people are facing, legal and social support for the community is more urgent than ever. Trans* voices need to be heard, trans* rights need to be protected. 
During this 2-day event line-up, the objective is to connect activists, experts and policy makers  to make change right on the spot. Let’s share our knowledge together, discuss what can be done to support the trans* community and attend inspiring panels to create solutions.
  • Robbert Dijkgraaf, Minister of Education, Culture and Science
  • Brand Berghouwer, Chairman Transgender Network Netherlands
  • Dinah Bons, Director Trans United Health Clinic
  • Alejandra Ortiz, Trans activist
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