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CSW66: Towards a Gender- and Climate-Just Economy: Financing the Climate-Care Nexus

Datum: 16-03-2022
Tijd: 14:30-15:45 (CET) / 8:30 - 9:45 (EDT)
Locatie: Online

Part of 24 hours Around-the-Clock Generation Equality at CSW66  
The Generation Equality Action Coalitions on Economic Justice and Rights (EJR) and Feminist Action for Climate Justice (FACJ) are joining forces to address the interlinkages between the climate emergency and the care economy. The event will explore ways forward for building a feminist green economy that centres women-led solutions to climate change, with a focus on care work, including care jobs as green jobs, and the potential of climate finance. The discussion will culminate in the announcement of a collective roadmap, to be jointly developed by Leaders of the Action Coalitions on EJR and FACJ, that identifies concrete actions towards an equitable, just and resilient economy that prioritizes the rights and needs of peoples and planet. 
Organized by: Action Coalition on Economic Justice and Rights & Feminist Action for Climate Justice, Mexico, Sweden, Costa Rica, ILO, UN Women, DIVA for Equality, Global Greengrants Fund, ITUC, WEDO
The link to register will be made available here