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CSW67 NGO Forum - In-person side event: Gendered Dynamics of Digital Peace Activism: Challenges and Opportunities Outlined by Feminist Peace Activists and Human Rights Defenders

Datum: 07-03-2023
Tijd: 4:30-6:00 PM EST/22:30-24:00 CET
Locatie: Salvation Army Auditorium, New York

PAX organizes the following in-person side event during CSW67.
This event will convene a panel of experts and feminist peace activists from Iraq, Lebanon, Palestine, and Sudan to share their insights and analysis on the gendered dynamics of digital feminist peace activism in conflict-affected countries. Highlighting how internationally available innovative technology contributes to the advocacy for eliminating the suffering of women from patriarchal systems, particularly those who are living under conflict situations and occupation. 
The discussion will center around the effectiveness and opportunities provided by new technology for online campaigning and organizing by feminist and women’s peace movements, as well as the limitations  in access due to the digital gender gap. The event will also focus on the gendered ways in which women peace activists are targeted and repressed online, including and identify opportunities for countering digital and technology-facilitated gender-based violence.   
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