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CSW67 NGO Forum - Virtual parallel event: Claiming online space to secure freedom, take action, create change

Datum: 10-03-2023
Tijd: 9:00- 11:00 AM EST/15:00-17:00 CET
Locatie: Online

Feminists, women’s rights and other social justice activists are increasingly engaging with digital technologies and online spaces as sites and tools for protest. This enables new forms of protest. For communities who experience multiple forms of discrimination and oppression and consistent exclusion from public and political participation digital technologies have become essential to their organising.
This online session will focus on how structurally silenced communities in India, Bangladesh, Kenya and Uganda are innovating to keep the online space safe, free and open to express, defend and secure their rights.  
This session is organised by Our Voices Our Futures (OVOF). OVOF is a Global South-led feminist consortium that aims to amplify voices and increase visibility of women who are structurally silenced due to their identity (such as lesbian and bisexual women, and trans, gender nonconforming persons) and/or their chosen form of labour (such as sex workers, working online and on-ground) and/or their activism (women human rights defenders or WHRDs). 

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