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CSW68 Creative Space: Our Voices Our Futures – ARTivism in Action

Datum: 14-03-2024
Tijd: 12:30pm - 7:30pm (EDT) / 17:30 - 0:30 next day (CET)
Locatie: Blue Gallery, 222 E 46th St, New York

During 13 and 14 March the Our Voices Our Future (OVOF) consortium will be adding some creative energy to the CSW mix! Join us to get inspired by the international community-led art expo, engage in dialogues about the use of art in movement building and making change, and co-create some artivist (art in activism) magic.

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*Please note that the location won't be wheelchair accessible unfortunately*

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The exposition will be formally opened on 13 March at 5 pm in a festive session moderated by Geeta Misra (CREA), the available artists, and special guest Mr. Peter Derrek Hof, Women's Rights and Gender Equality Ambassador of the Netherlands.

Wednesday 13 March

13.30 Doors open
* art expositions
* workshops
* dialogues
* film screening
* co-creation/ get creative

20.00 Doors close


Thursday 14 March

12.30 Doors open
* art expositions
* workshops
* dialogues
* film screening
* co-creation/ get creative
19.30 Doors close  


Artists & activists showing their work and co-creating the space include: 

  • Tara Asger, trans woman artist and activist from Bangladesh

  • Juliet Kushaba, feminist scholar, creative writer and published author from Uganda. She works with ArtVism, a feminist arts-for-social-justice organization that uses poetry, painting, photography, installation, crafts and short stories to advance social justice and structurally excluded women in the country.

  • Farhana Alam, gender and SRHR researcher from Bangladesh who uses documentaries, animations, photo narrative books, short videos and theatrical productions to bring her research findings and advocacy message to broader audiences.
  • Seanny Odero from the Western Kenya Trans Network and co-chair of the National Trans and Advocacy Network

  • Carol Sophie, from the Queer Women Leaders Initiative

  • Gloria Mutyaba, Programs Director at Freedom and Roam Uganda (FARUG) and Kuchu Times 
Interactive dialogues include:
Gaming for a Feminist World
14 March, 2 - 3 pm 
Interactive experience led by Karla Velasco, Association for Progressive Communications (APC) where she'll share creative and innovative projects by feminist tech groups towards a feminist internet. And a feminist world.
Centering LBTQ Identities - Using arts and digital platforms 
14 March, 5 - 6 pm
Experience sharing session led by Gloria Mutyaba about FARUG's queer podcast in Uganda - a country with a harsh anti-homosexuality bill in place and community archives of LGBTIQ+ stories and lived realities. And how all this affects public influencing and policy advocacy.

Expositions (all day, both days) include:


"Canvas of Change: Youth Perspectives on the Rights of Structurally Silenced Women”

This art exposition commenced on 17-19 August 2023, inaugurated by Mr. Thijs Woudstra, the Charge de Affairs of the Netherlands Embassy of Bangladesh. Through an art fellowship programme, 11 young artists (15 - 19 years old) in Bangladesh worked on various mediums to talk about the challenges faced by different groups of structurally silenced women.


"LIVES on Canvas and in Verse"

This is collection of paintings and poetry by structurally excluded women in Uganda. They are all members of ArtVism, a free art studio in Uganda that provides structurally excluded women space and materials to create together towards the realization of the change that our society needs. Most of the abstract work being show-cased here speak to Gender Based Violence (GBV), Resilience and /or Solidarity. They are a call to action towards the desired social change.



"Visible/ Invisible: United in Ending SGBV"
Art work from South Asia
A slide show display of art work and their artists shared by CREA.  


Movie screenings include: 


Documentary: "CROSSINGS – The stories of migrant sex workers”

14 March, 17.30 - 19.00 hrs
A sex worker-produced documentary about migrant sex work in Europe. In collaboration with Red Umbrella Fund and ESWA. The movie will be introduced Sabrina Sanchez of ESWA and Vera Rodriguez, Red Umbrella Fund who will be available for further q&a following the screening.


Documentary: Borderlines - Feminist Journeys Across South Asia

Time to be confirmed

By CREA & Third Eye 


Creative spaces (free space) - all day, both days:

  • Mural writing/ drawing
  • Protest sign making
  • Activist button making
  • ... and more




About OVOF: The Our Voices Our Futures (OVOF) consortium comprises CREA as the lead organization, and the Association for Progressive Communications (APC), UHAI-EASHRI – East African Sexual Health and Rights Initiative, and WO=MEN, along with strategic partner IM-Defensoras. The OVOF consortium amplifies the voices and increases the visibility of structurally silenced women to enable them to take their rightful place in civic spaces and participate freely across the online space, physical public space, and legal and policy space.