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CSW68 Parallel event: Feminist perspectives on socio-economic post-conflict recovery & peacebuilding

Datum: 13-03-2024
Tijd: 12:30pm (EDT) / 17:30 (CET)
Locatie: CCUN Drew

The parallel session aims to contribute to the overarching theme of CSW68 by focusing on the intersections between poverty, women’s socio-economic empowerment, post-conflict socio-economic recovery and peace-building efforts in fragile and conflict-affected countries. While the contribution of women and girls to the social and economic advancement of their communities and nations is widely acknowledged, this has not translated into significant gains and transformed experiences for these women and girls. The Beijing Declaration and Platform of Action, and other women’s rights frameworks highlight the grave human rights violations faced by women and girls during and after conflict and how these leave a lasting impact on their social, economic and psychological well-being. This calls for the rethinking of women’s socio-economic empowerment by placing more emphasis on improving women’s livelihoods, economic interventions and reparations for survivors of violence in post-conflict communities.

The session will:
• Highlight the role of women in shaping economically resilient and sustainable postconflict societies
• Discuss the importance of feminist approaches to addressing poverty, including in strengthening institutions, in conflict-affected regions
• Examine barriers to and propose comprehensive solutions for improving the social and economic status of women, including in rural and climate-change-affected areas