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CSW68 Parallel event: Panel Discussion POVERTY IS GENDERED: Can Women empowerment alleviate poverty? - Unveiling the Layers: Exploring the Feminization of Poverty

Datum: 12-03-2024
Tijd: 12:00pm - 1:30pm (EDT) / 17:00 - 18:30 (CET)
Locatie: CCUN (Church Center UN) 10th Floor


The proposed panel discussion aims to delve into the intricate issue of the "Feminization of Poverty,” shedding light on the multifaceted challenges that disproportionately affect women in the realm of economic deprivation. This timely and crucial panel discussion will bring together experts, activists, entrepreneurs, and scholars to explore the root causes, consequences, and potential solutions surrounding this global phenomenon.



The primary objective of the panel is to foster a comprehensive understanding of the feminization of poverty, examining how gender-based disparities intersect with economic factors, perpetuating cycles of disadvantage for women across diverse social and cultural contexts. Through nuanced discussions, we aim to raise awareness, challenge stereotypes, and inspire actionable solutions to address this pressing issue.


Proposed conclusion:

The proposed panel discussion on the feminization of poverty seeks to be a catalyst for change by fostering dialogue, raising awareness, and inspiring collaborative efforts to address the root causes and consequences of economic disparities impacting women globally.



Panel speakers: Amongst others:


- Kira Rudik
- Member of Ukrainian Parliament, Leader of Political party Golos, Vice President of ALDE
- Dr. Hunk Huang President Taiwan Academy of Banking and Finance
- Kimhun Thit
- Board Member, International Network of Liberal Women Chairwoman, Cambodia National Rescue Party Americas & Overseas Women’s Affairs
- Loubna Amhair, Engineer in agro-ecology, Ministry of Agriculture, former MP Marocco,
- Vice President, MENA Region International Network of Liberal Women

Forum Moderators:
- Khadija El Morabit President
- International Network of Liberal Women
- Josephine Wu Vuylsteke
- Board member,Vice President, Asia Pacific Region, International Network of Liberal Women Board Member/ APLW

Main Organizers
International Networking of Liberal Women (INLW) Asia Pacific Liberal Women’s Association (APLW)


Liberal International (LI ) National Democratic Institute (NDI); NATWA; TAA-USA; Taiwan Academy of Banking and Finance; Democratic Progressive Party (DPP)