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Does the Dutch Africa strategy work for women?

Datum: 28-05-2022
Tijd: 13:00 - 14:15
Locatie: Leeszaal KIT Amsterdam

The current Dutch government is committed to developing a specific strategy for Africa, that will lead to equal and inclusive economic development, reduce poverty and improve human rights. These are promising ambitions that, if done well, can benefit African countries and its most marginalized groups, like women. Join us in taking a look at this strategy and discuss what is still needed!

ActionAid Netherlands explores how to solve current power imbalances and why it is crucial to put women at the centre of the Africa strategy. Two speakers from South Africa will shine their light on the importance of a feminist approach when creating policy. From the case of manganese mining, the need for this approach becomes apparent. The session concludes with a panel discussion with representatives from Dutch politics and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

There will be much room for participants to ask their questions! So join in this valuable conversation.

Speakers: Marit Maij (ActionAid Netherlands) as moderator, Fatima Vally (MACUA/WAMUA South Africa), Nodumiso Nsibande (ActionAid South Africa), Sahar Afzal (UNWomeNL)

Language: English
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