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Feminist Foreign Policy: A (wo)man’s affair?

Datum: 18-11-2022
Tijd: 14:30 – 17:00 CET At the
Locatie: Vredespaleis, Den Haag

About a decade ago, several countries began to transform their foreign policy into a form that focuses on addressing unequal power relations, a Feminist Foreign Policy. The role of women in all their diversity is central to this, but to achieve systemic change it is important that everyone is included.

Internationally and nationally, the debate about feminist foreign policy is thriving and expectations are high, also for the feminist foreign policy being developed by The Netherlands at the moment. But how can we apply lessons learned from other countries in the Dutch context? How can a feminist foreign policy contribute to a fairer world? And, importantly, why is reshaping gender stereotypes and norms important to all of us? 
By means of speeches, a panel discussion, and engagement with the audience, we aim to further stimulate the discussion around these questions in the Netherlands during this afternoon. And bring together perspectives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, diplomats, civil society, the Global South and business. CARE Nederland therefore cordially invites you to participate in this event, in which gender equality, knowledge exchange and inclusiveness will be the main guests.
Laila Ait Baali will be one of the speakers, the full list of speakers will be announced shortly.

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