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Feminist support to women activists and movements, making non-violent activism count politically

Datum: 28-10-2021
Tijd: 9 – 10.30 am EDT / 15.00 - 16.30 hrs CEST
Locatie: online

This WPS Side Event will bring together influential local women activists from Sudan, Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT), Myanmar and Iraq with leading international stakeholders.
The speakers will examine how international actors (member states, mulilateral organisations, INGOs) can provide feminist support to women activists and movements in times of political upheaval, mass protest and armed violence. There will be particular focus on bridging the gaps from women leading protests on the streets to influencing all stages in each and every peace and political process. 

  • Moneera Yassien, Founder of AMNA

Opening remarks: 
  • H.E. Ms. Maritza Chan Valverde, Ambassador and Deputy Permanent Representative of the Permanent Mission of Costa Rica to the UN 
  • Ms. Lena Skoglund, Minister Counsellor of the Permanent Mission of the Kingdom of Sweden to the UN

Panel featuring: 
  • Hadia Hasaballah, Sudan
  • Suheir Farraj, Director-General of the Women, Media and Development Organisation (TAM), Palestine
  • Ada Chai, Myanmar
  • Yasmin Fala, She Revolution / Infocenter, Iraq

Q&A session moderated by:
  • Breza Race, Program Director Center for Applied Non-Violent Actions and Strategies, Serbia

Closing remarks
  • Maria Stephan, Author of ‘Why Civil Resistance Works’ and co-leader of the the Horizons Project
Guiding questions: 
  • International feminist support: How to gender-transformatively support (women) activists and movements? How to prevent violent backlashes? How to ensure political and peace processes are truly inclusive by engaging women to change patriarchal power dynamics? 
  • Non-violence and feminism: What’s the impact of (young) women’s participation from diverse backgrounds on the outcomes of non-violent mass movements? How to strengthen inclusion and promote diversity within non-violent movements?

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For more background information on this session, please read here
(Illustration by feminist artist Maitree Muzumdar)