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Final NAP 1325 Signatory Event of 2021!

Datum: 10-12-2021
Tijd: 10.00-12.00hrs CET
Locatie: online

Bi-annually our NAP 1325 community convenes to present, share, and learn about recent policies, projects, research and methodologies on advancing inclusive peace, human rights and gender justice. Together the signatories to the NAP 1325 engage with their peers to learn and improve the implementation of the Women, Peace and Security agenda. On the 10th of December 2021 10.00-12.00hrs CET, International Human Rights Day, we invite all signatories, representatives of Ministries, police, feminist-, women-led and diaspora organizations, development-, humanitarian- and peacebuilding organizations, and local partners around the globe, to join us.

The event will be opened and moderated by Karen Burbach, head of the Taskforce Women’s Rights and Gender Equality, Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Sharon Bhagwan-Rolls , second-generation Pacific feminist and civil society leader working on the intersection of gender, peace, media, climate and humanitarian action and chairperson of GPPAC, will provide the keynote speech. We will introduce our newest signatories World Vision and Gobez Foundation, and we will reflect on 2021 and share our plans for 2022. 

During our coffee break Mercy Corps will provide a beautiful online photo exhibition on the nexus climate, conflict and gender. After the break, we will continue with three inspiring fringe meetings: the Syrian Female Journalists Network will provide a workshop on ‘Feminist Media for Social Change’. Mensen met een Missie will host a session on ‘Women, Locally Led Peacebuilding and Religion’. Mercy Corps will facilitate a debate on ‘Restorative Justice and Trauma-Informed and Gender Sensitive Peacebuilding’. Laila Ait Baali, director of WO=MEN Dutch Gender Platform, will close the event.

Find the program and time table here
To register for this online event, please contact Anne-Floor Dekker. 
Fringe meetings NAP 1325 bi-annual event 10 December 2021:

  • Syrian Female Journalists Network – ‘Feminist Media for Social Change’
During this interactive session, the Syrian Female Journalists Network will talk about the importance of inclusive and decolonial media coverage in promoting the Women Peace and Security agenda. We will present findings from the Syrian Female Journalists Network (SFJN) work in regard to gender, conflict, and media coverage, as well as discuss examples of international media portrayal and its effects on social perceptions, from Syria and other contexts.  

  • Mercy Corps - Restorative justice and trauma-informed and gender-sensitive peacebuilding
The starting point of the session is the findings of a recent research of Mercy Corps: Understanding social acceptance of returnees after displacement – Experimental evidence from post-ISIS Iraq. Based on the background of the research we aim to spark a conversation on the need for restorative justice and trauma-informed gender sensitive peacebuilding. The session also aims to discuss durable solutions and inspire further research on survivor-centered justice for GBV survivors in conflict and other complex situations. Panel speakers are Brooke Gibbons – Country Director Iraq, Mercy Corps, Raluca Popa, Gender and Law Specialist – Research and Learning, International Development Law Organization (IDLO) and Babu Ayindo - Peace and Conflict Advisor, Mercy Corps Kenya.

  • Mensen met een Missie - Women, locally led peacebuilding and religion
Conservative religious narratives are backlashing women’s rights and achievements. Simultaneously, for many women (and men), religion constitutes a social and connecting power, a source of inspiration to bring about change. How can we work on local peace building and further the WPS agenda from feminist ánd faith-based perspectives? This session hosted by Mensen met een Missie, aims to share experiences, practices and insights from local women of faith, feminist theologians and local leaders from different regional contexts related to WPS; and start exploring the role of religion in our work.