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Funding Feminist Transformations

Datum: 15-03-2022
Tijd: 23:00-0:15 (CET) / 17:00-18:15 (EDT)
Locatie: Online

Part of 24 hours Around-the-Clock Generation Equality at CSW66   
It’s been a year since the Generation Equality Forum kicked off in Mexico. While many actors were mobilized through the GEF process to make important funding commitments, it is time to ensure that they are reaching feminist movements, organizations and funds.   
The Global Alliance for Sustainable Feminist Movements is an emerging multi-stakeholder initiative that was announced at the Generation Equality Forum (and is a collective commitment of the Action Coalition on Feminist Movements and Leadership) with the express aim of increasing, sustaining, and improving financial and political support for women’s rights and feminist organizations and movements. Join us in this session to hear from funders and activists who are making their commitments reality–they’ll share lessons learned about what works - and what doesn’t–when it comes to funding relationships that truly facilitate deep, transformational impact. 
The link to register will be made available here 
More information on Action Coalitions here