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Gendered extremism

Datum: 03-06-2020
Tijd: 15:30 - 17:00
Locatie: online

Extremist organisations are often extremely conservative or extremely revolutionary. This has big implications for the ways gender is being thought and practiced by extremist organisations and individuals. However, it is only recently that gender has emerged as a way to understand extremism by researchers and policymakers. To contribute to our understanding of gender’s role in extremism DareGender is currently working on a mapping of the Danish manosphere and digital spaces promoting extremist and anti-feminist and anti-equality views and agendas. We see how these groups often promote and organize digital violence and harassment and target women and minorities and those speaking up for gender equality.
In collaboration with Cybernauterne, a network working with cybersecurity, digital literacy and digital defense for activists, our goal is to use this mapping to gain more knowledge and insight in what role gender and ideas of masculinity and manhood can play in the radicalization process of individuals and groups in digital spaces. The current mapping also focuses on how a deeper understanding of the dynamics of gender and extremism can inform prevention strategies both seeking to prevent violence in digital and physical contexts.
The presentation will outline the project and give our initial thoughts and overview of how to see the links between gender and extremism. We hope this can be used as an outset to discuss the role of gender in the prevention of violence and extremism. 
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