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Global care chains and vulnerabilities in the COVID19 crisis (ENG - ESP)

Datum: 03-03-2021
Tijd: 5.00-6.30 PM CET
Locatie: Webinar

In the context of the WIDE+ series: "COVID19 and care: Feminist reflections on a New normal”, this online webinar reflects on the underlying structural crisis of social reproduction and the structural problems of global care chains and migrant care work.

Global care chains are based on gender, class/caste, ethnic/racial and North/South inequalities and provide a kind of spatial fix of the crisis. Transnational care chains withdraw care capacities and emotional work from the Global South and shift care energy from poorer to more affluent households, from poor to richer countries. Migrant care workers are in a precarious position with regard to labour relations and rights, and in a dilemma of providing care and emotions to their employer or patient and their own transnational family at the same time. The Corona pandemic has deepened this dilemma, has depleted care energies and torn apart the care workers.
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