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Hybrid Meeting Round Table: debrief Commission on Population and Development and discussion on the backlash in the USA

Datum: 14-06-2022
Tijd: 15.00 -17.00
Locatie: WO=MEN office, Korte Poten 9B, in The Hague

Share-Net and WO=MEN, in collaboration with Rutgers and CHOICE for Youth and Sexuality will organise a roundtable meeting on June 14.
Notitie: Deze bijeenkomst vindt plaats in het Engels. Mocht je graag deelnemen maar vertaling naar het Nederlands nodig hebben (of bijvoorbeeld een gebarentolk of ondertiteling), laat het ons dan zo spoedig mogelijk en in ieder geval voor 10 juni weten (per email naar en  Wij zullen dan ons best doen het te organiseren.

About this event
The aim of this meeting is to: 1) debrief about the 55th Commission on Population and Development, April 2022; 2) discuss about the backlash in the USA, its possible consequences and what can be done to counter these developments.

The meeting will take place on the 14th of June 2022 at the WO=MEN office*, Korte Poten 9B, in The Hague from 15.00 to 17.00, with drinks afterwards. Doors open at 14.30. Please register here if you wish to attend in person.

The meeting can also be attended online. If you would prefer to attend online, please RSVP via this Zoom link.

*The WO=MEN office space is easily accessible from the station (Den Haag CS), however it is on the 2nd floor and only accessible by stairs. If this may be a problem for you, we advise and welcome you to join us online.


The Theme of this years’ Commission on Population and Development (CPD) was ‘Population and sustainable development, in particular sustained and inclusive economic growth’, and was held as an in-person meeting from 25 – 29 April. Negotiations which had started prior to the actual meeting, ended with the adoption of an outcome document. The Netherlands was part of the Bureau for CPD, and leading negotiations with member states.

The second part of the meeting will be devoted to different development in the US. These include the work done to repeal the Global Gag Rule once and for all – which didn’t work out as planned; the expected repeal of Roe versus Wade – the federal abortion law – by the Supreme Court; the state laws restricting abortion; and recent developments on banning certain education materials which might make students uncomfortable. These developments are a severe threat to sexual and reproductive rights in the US itself, and can be a forebode for what to expect in other regions of the world. We will jointly strategize how to counter these developments.

For full programme details, please see here.

Places are limited. Please RSVP for the in person event before June 12th. In case you cannot attend due to unexpected circumstances, please let us know in advance.