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Including Structurally Silenced Women & WHRDs in Feminist Foreign Policy

Datum: 01-04-2022
Tijd: 14:00 – 15:30 CEST
Locatie: Online

Foreign policy has the potential to contribute to equality, justice, solidarity and peace. Feminist Foreign Policy, specifically, is "a political framework centred around the wellbeing of marginalised people”. This session provides an opportunity to further discuss the inclusion of structurally silenced and marginalised women in Feminist Foreign Policy. What are the opportunities and what are the essential implications?  
Women’s human rights defenders (WHRDs) across the global South and North are at the frontlines of the struggle to protect our planet, defend peoples’ right to land and livelihood and stand up for their communities. The structural silencing of WHRDs is done through laws such as so-called ‘anti-terror’ laws, over-policing and surveillance of activists and their communities, and state-sanctioned extra-judicial killings carried out with impunity. Many WHRDs face double stigma and risks due to other intersecting identities also as indigenous, migrant, LGBTIQ+ or Dalit women. This dialogue builds on conversations about WHRDs that took place one year ago (virtually) during the Generation Equality Forum in Mexico where a list of key demands, developed by a diversity of feminist, gender and peace building organisations and feminist funders, were presented. 
We will bring together women human rights defenders (WHRDs) from diverse movements in South Asia, MENA region, East Africa and Latin America. The panelists will talk about lived experience and discuss policy and programme implications for Feminist Foreign Policy.
This session is organized by the Our Voices Our Futures (OVOF) consortium consisting of CREA, Association for Progressive Communication (APC), IM-Defensoras, UHAI-EASHRI and WO=MEN Dutch Gender Platform.
This event is part of Summit Season – a full calendar of events organised by the Centre for Feminist Foreign Policy (CFFP) and its partners, leading up to the first ever Feminist Foreign Policy Summit on the 13th of April 2022.
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