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Invitation: Lunch session with Irène Esambo, human rights lawyer from the Democratic Republic of Congo

Datum: 13-05-2019
Tijd: 12:00 - 13:30 uur
Locatie: WO=MEN, Korte Poten 9b, Den Haag

On Monday the 13th of May, from 12:00-13:30, WO=MEN will host a lunch session with Irène Esambo. Irène is a human rights lawyer from the Democratic Republic of Congo. During the lunch seminar she will discuss her work as an advocate for the rights of Human Rights Defenders in the DRC. She will also illustrate how she is working to end impunity for rape perpetrators and how to improve the position of women in the army and police forces.  

Previously, Irène was a participant in the Shelter City program. After her stay in The Hague, she started working for the International Criminal Court. She is also the head of the Centre d’Études sur la Justice et la Résolution 1325. The CJR aims to reform the security sector and has successfully ensured the inclusion of a gender strategy in policies by the national government, police, justice and civil society in the DRC.
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