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INVITATION to a lunch meeting on disability rights in DRC with Sylvain Obedi

Datum: 17-04-2024
Tijd: 12:00 - 14:00
Locatie: WO=MEN office, Korte Poten 9B, The Hague

WO=MEN, in collaboration with Shelter City Rotterdam, would like to invite you for a lunch meeting with Sylvain Obedi from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Sylvain is a disability rights defender focused on protecting, promoting and defending the rights of people with disabilities. He is the founder and Executive Director of Enable the Disabled Action (EDA). He prioritises the participation and inclusion of disabled people, especially young people, in decision-making bodies and full participation in society in different areas of their lives. Sylvain lobbies for the government to adopt more inclusive policies and programmes. He is currently for a few months in the Netherlands as part of the Shelter City Programme Rotterdam. 


In this lunch session he will focus on issues such as: 


  • How to include the voice of women and girls living with disability, especially as they deal with multiple stereotyping, with single parenting, and gender based violence? 
  • How to include the voice of these women and girls in peacebuilding and how can they be better protected in East Congo's violent conflict setting?  
  • How can humanitarian programmes and the humanitarian labour market be more inclusive? 



We look forward to interesting discussions! 


If you want to join the lunch session, please register with Roseanne Trijsburg ( Deadline for registration: Monday 15 April