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Datum: 19-10-2020
Tijd: Daily: 9 - 10.30 AM (NY Time) / 15 - 16.30 PM (CET)
Locatie: online

In light of the 20th anniversary of UN resolution 1325 on Women, Peace and Security and in preparation for the UN Security Council Open Debate week, Cordaid and the Civil Society Platform for Peacebuilding and Statebuilding (CSPPS) are jointly launching a series of virtual dialogues showcasing good practices and inspiring examples for the WPS Agenda.
We aim to encourage activists, policy makers and donors to continue or renew their commitment to support and strengthen the role of women in conflict and peacebuilding processes, and to accelerate action towards full implementation of the WPS agenda. After 20 years, we have seen progress on the implementation of women’s involvement in peace and security issues, with increased attention for women’s specific roles and needs in diverse conflict-affected settings. However, discussions on the WPS agenda often take place in isolation and implementation is still lagging behind. In moving forward, we must ensure to embark upon a more inclusive and participatory process with a larger and more diverse group of stakeholders. The 20th anniversary of the WPS agenda provides an opportunity to look back at previous efforts and to set the stage for renewed commitment for action.

Key Voices for Lasting Change will provide a dialogue space for sharing valuable input by women’s (rights) activists and for showing the diversity of the WPS agenda. While UNSC resolution 1325 and its subsequent resolutions show a general and shared commitment on the part of member states towards the WPS agenda, the implementation of this agenda takes various forms. Attention to the specificities of local contexts helps to increase our awareness of the diverse roles that women fulfil in societies, especially in fragile contexts. We believe that the WPS agenda should be inclusive, transformative, and women-led. By providing a space to listen to key voices share how to shape the WPS agenda moving forward, the Key Voices for Lasting Change series offers an opportunity to learn and to develop our sensitivity and contextual understanding, allowing us to contribute to lasting change and move from resolutions to implementation on the ground. Ultimately, any effort towards change should always refer to and originate at the local level.