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Living the Risks, Owning the Outcomes: Redefining Success of PVE Programming in the Sahel

Datum: 14-10-2021
Tijd: 15.30 CET
Locatie: online

While it has become a global cause for concern, violent extremism disproportionately affects people and communities in fragile and conflictaffected states. Yet, existing power asymmetries mean that those communities often have a limited say in setting government and donor agendas, policies and programmes to counter and prevent these threats. This is one important, yet overlooked, reason why programmes aimed at preventing violent extremism have struggled to maximise their impact in the Sahel.
In an interactive session, speakers will discuss current challenges faced in addressing and preventing violent extremism, while proposing new ways to define what "success” looks like in C/PVE programmes.
The session is organized by Mercy Corps and Cerlce Dev, and is part of the KPSRL Annual Conference.
• Emilie Tankora, Social Cohesion Program Specialist, Mercy Corps Niger
• Maimou Wali, Director, Cercle Dev
• Dr Bréma Ely Dicko, Sociology Professor, University of Bamako
• Anna Schmauder, Research Fellow, Clingendael Institute
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