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Lunch Sessie: Promoting Women's Rights and Inclusive Storytelling through Digital Media

Datum: 03-10-2023
Tijd: 12.00 - 14.00 uur
Locatie: WO=MEN kantoor, Korte Poten 9B, Den Haag

El Kul is a thriving Libyan social media platform, boasting an impressive weekly reach of over 4 million Facebook users. The platform is committed to bolstering stability in Libya by championing cultural inclusivity, women's participation, reconciliation, and broad-spectrum civic engagement. 

In this lunch session, we'll hear from content producers, photojournalists, and illustrators at El Kul. They will delve into the subject of promoting women's rights and fostering inclusive storytelling through digital media. They will focus on the human interest stories that often lie beneath the headlines, as well as their experiences in applying a gender-sensitive perspective to their content. 

Our discussion will also touch on the pivotal role that media plays in times of conflict. Given the current challenges, particularly the floods in Libya, our speakers will address the topic of covering natural disasters through the lens of human interest stories. They will also place a special emphasis on the experiences of women and marginalised communities. 


Lunch will be provided by WO=MEN. 


If you want to join this lunch session, please register with Roseanne Trijsburg at before Friday the 29th of September. For any further information or questions on the event, please contact Karin de Jonge at  

You can read about the speakers below:


Munsef Mansurey is a freelance content producer with El Kul platform - BBC Media Action, a dedicated civil activist, and an experienced media trainer. In addition to his journalistic work, he serves as a Focal Point with the EU Neighbors South, facilitating collaboration and partnerships for regional development and positive change. Munsef's work is driven by a passion for storytelling, social change, and media empowerment. 


Amaka Jaji is a content production and photojournalist with an illustrious 13-year career. His professional trail started as a writer for an independent magazine in Ghat. He undertook a photographic exploration of his Touareg culture in Ghat, presenting his art through a solo exhibition. Driven by a profound commitment to conveying the voices of an underserved city, Amaka transitioned into the realm of journalism, serving as a committed reporter during a pivotal revolution. 

Iman Elmojahed
is a Digital Content Producer with BBC Media Action North Africa since 2021. With extensive experience as a content and multimedia editor and translator in Libyan media outlets since 2018, she brings a strong background in media and communication. Iman also co-founded an NGO in 2011 with a focus on promoting peace and security in Libya. With her media expertise and dedication to social advocacy, Iman strives to make a significant impact and contribute to positive change in society. 

Sara Alhouni is a passionate advocate for women and youth empowerment with 9 years of experience in the non-profit sector. She began her journey as a co-founder of the Libyan Debate Club, promoting freedom of speech. Sara has worked with renowned organizations like Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, UN Women, and DW Akademie, focusing on media and social justice before joining the BBC Media action North Africa. 

Malék Jerbi is a young and passionate illustrator/graphic designer. Her artistic palette is rich and ranges from pastel hues to vibrant electric shades. With a keen focus on themes of well-being and the role of women in society, she uses her artistic prowess to convey powerful messages and create visually captivating works. Through her illustrations and designs, Malék Jerbi not only showcases her artistic skills but also advocates for social change and empowerment.