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NAP 1325 Signatory Event: Women, Men, Peace & Security (for signatories only)

Datum: 07-03-2024
Tijd: 11:00 - 14:30
Locatie: Ministry of Defence, Kalvermarkt 32, The Hague

The Ministry of Defence, together with NAP1325 coordinators the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and WO=MEN Dutch Gender Platform, cordially invite you to the NAP 1325 Signatory Event 'Women, Men, Peace & Security’ on the 7th of March 2024 (for signatories only).  

Engaging men and masculinities is crucial to promote gender equality and improve the position of women, leading to sustainable peace and inclusive security. In the Netherlands, 88% of military personnel and 60% of police officers are male. How are men and boys in the defence and security sector in the Netherlands and other countries currently involved in the Women, Peace and Security Agenda? How do prevailing ideas about masculinity contribute to or hinder sustainable peace and security for all? And how can male religious and traditional leaders influence these ideas? 

During this event, we will explore inspiring initiatives, projects, research and methodologies on engaging men and masculinities in the Women, Peace & Security Agenda. With among others key note speeches of Colonel Innes Catton of the United Kingdom Armed forces and an Iraqi women's rights activist and academic researcher. Followed by interactive fringe sessions hosted by PAX, CARE Netherlands, Mensen met een Missie, Tearfund, and the Ministry of Defence 

Deadline for registration is Thursday 29th of February COB. Please note that registration is mandatory due to the check-in process at the venue. After registration, you will receive a link from the Ministry of Defence with additional registration requirements (such as your ID no.). Please do complete this link as soon as you receive it. Remember to bring your ID with you on March 7. 


11.00-11.30hrs    Check-in  

11.30-11.40hrs    Welcome & introduction by the Ministry of Defence and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (room: Leeuwenkuil) 

11.40-12.00hrs    Keynote speech by Colonel Innes Catton, UK Armed forces (room: Leeuwenkuil) 

12.00-12.20hrs    Q&As 

12.20-12.40hrs    Keynote speech by an Iraqi women's rights activist and academic researcher (room: Leeuwenkuil) 

12.40-13.00hrs    Q&As 

13.15-14.00hrs    Parallel fringe sessions 1, 2 and 3:  

1. Engaging Men by the Deputy Director Operations Ministry of Defence (room: tbc) 

Air commodore Arnoud Stallman, Deputy Director Operations Ministry of Defence sharing his view how to get men engaged. 

2. Engaging Men in Traditional and Religious Leadership by Mensen met een Missie, CARE Netherlands and Tearfund (room: Perszaal) 

Deep dive session exploring the ‘Men Engage Approach’ and how this approach is applied by traditional and religious leaders in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Burundi. Traditional and religious leaders are mostly male and are often seen as guardians of restrictive norms. Case studies from DRC and Burundi will show how social norms and masculine behaviour restrict gender equality in their contexts, and how traditional and religious leaders can influence these norms. With experts from Tearfund, CARE and Mensen met een Missie in the Netherlands and online presence and contributions of partners in DRC and Burundi. 


3. Feminist Foreign Policy & Mitigating Civilian Harm by PAX (room: tbc) 

Fish bowl format session discussing inspiring ways how Feminist Foreign Policies can more practically mitigate civilian harm, with a particular focus on gendered analysis and engagement of men. Including lessons learned from Iraq. Key questions to be discussed: why is a feminist approach to civilian harm mitigation important and useful? What steps can military actors take? What are policy recommendations for the Netherlands to include civilian harm mitigation in their Feminist Foreign Policy implementation? With Erin Bijl, Sr Project Officer Protection of Civilians at PAX, an Iraqi women's rights activist and academic researcherand Ilse Wermink, Gender Advisor at PAX. 


14.00-14.30    Closing& network drinks (room: Leeuwenkuil)