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Nominate a candidate for the International Gender Equality Prize by 16 May 2021

Datum: 16-05-2021

The Finnish Ministry of Social Affairs and Health awards the International Gender Equality Prize and this year, it is given for the third time. The prize is indeed noteworthy, EUR 300,000. Candidates to receive the prize may be nominated until 16 May 2021. 
The prize is awarded to a person or organisation that has advanced gender equality in a globally significant way. The recipient will then forward the money to a cause or organisation that will strengthen gender equality.
The first prize in 2017 was awarded to German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who is one of the most influential women in the world and a role model for many women and girls. In 2019 the prize was awarded to Equality Now, an organisation that defends the rights of women worldwide. 
Anyone is welcome to nominate a candidate. Use the link below to submit your proposal (in English).
Nominate a candidate for the 2021 International Gender Equality
Twitter: @igepfinland
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