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Nothing about us, without us: Amplifying the priorities of women and girls with disabilities

Datum: 18-06-2021
Tijd: 10:00 to 11:15 am, New York Time
Locatie: Online

Women with disabilities worldwide are mobilizing to articulate and amplify the issues that are central to their diverse experiences at the intersection of gender, disability and rights. In recent years, we observed proliferation of views of organizations led by women with disabilities and their allies to address human rights violations, challenge systemic injustices, express political demands and articulate visions of a more just world. Many of them are naming gender and as well as patriarchy and ableism to be the causes of systemic discrimination they are facing. 
The side event "Nothing about us, without us: Amplifying the priorities of women and girls with disabilities at the CRPD and CEDAW Committees in the post COVID recovery process”, co-organised by the African Disability Forum (ADF), IDA, CREA, the Center for Reproductive Rights, Mobility International USA (MIUSA) and the Permanent Mission of Canada in New York, will explore how feminists with disabilities, and their representative organisations and networks can actively influence the work of both the CRPD and the CEDAW Committees as well as other UN monitoring mechanisms ensuring more prominent attention to the discrimination faced with regard to the rights and fundamental freedoms of women with disabilities by States Parties to these binding international instruments.

Panelists will also reflect on how organizations and networks of women with disabilities, including the most marginalized groups, but also OPDs and mainstream women organizations, can leverage the UN monitoring mechanisms – through country review processes and other Special Procedures – to draw attention to issues and the rights of women with disabilities and place them higher on the global agenda, especially in the post COVID-19 recovery phase.


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