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Online Seminar: Intergenerational Feminist Dialogue

Datum: 03-11-2021
Tijd: 12:00 PM in Amsterdam, Berlin, Rome, Stockholm, Vienna
Locatie: online

A reflection on experiences of perceived differences and commonalities among different generations of feminists to come to concrete suggestions on how to improve our collective work.

With the large scale street protests that have been visible in the past years, such as the Women’s Strike, Ni Una di Meno, Black Lives Matter and climate change protests, many women and others joined feminist activism for the first time in their lives. They join the many feminists that enabled new groups to build on previous activism.

This event is part of a series with 4 online seminars on Intersectional Feminisms, providing concrete ideas on how to work with an intersectional approach in feminist activism and public policy.

Intersectional feminism helps us to act on patterns of gendered discrimination in which multiple layers of power inequalities tied to other aspects of people's identities, such as age, gendered expression, color of skin, sexual orientation and location, are continuously reproducing multiple discrimination.

ENG, with translation into ESP and FR.
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