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Online session: Cross-movement Advocacy on Gender and Disability

Datum: 25-04-2023
Tijd: 13:00-14:30
Locatie: Online

This webinar will be hosted by the Dutch Coalition on Disability and Development (DCDD) and is co-organised with Make Way consortium and the We Are Able! consortium:
We are excited to announce our upcoming exchange session about Cross-movement Advocacy for Gender & Disability Justice, organised as part of the Power of Disability Inclusion series for Strategic Partners of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The webinar aims to bridge gaps between the gender and the disability movements, by providing insights into the work that is being done at the gender & disability intersection. It will showcase practical examples of women with disabilities' advocacy involvement at international, national, and local levels as well as enable collaboration and knowledge-sharing among the consortia.
13.00 Welcome & introduction to the topic
13.00 Interviews with panellists:
13.45 Q&A session with panellists and audience
14.30 Closing
14.45 Optional: open space in breakout rooms for those who want to exchange further
We will be sending out further details on speakers for the session soon, so keep an eye on your inbox. Meanwhile, please register via the link below! 
Registration link

About the Power of Disability Inclusion sessions

DCDD organises a series of learning sessions on disability inclusion called 'Power of Disability Inclusion', as part of the We Are Able! programme, funded by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. During the series, we share tools for disability inclusive programming, facilitate in-country connections and exchange experiences on inclusive advocacy. The specific learning agenda is developed based on inputs from all participants.
FOR WHO? For Civil Society organisations that receive funding from the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. DCDD network participants are also welcome to join. 
WHY? An important part of strengthening civil society is making space for and amplifying the voices of persons with disabilities to be heard in society as well as in the design of development programmes. In collaboration with the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, we facilitate spaces for CSO partners to get together, exchange and explore the most effective ways to make disability inclusion happen.