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Our voices, our futures: LGBTI People Defending Civic Space

Datum: 06-05-2022
Tijd: 9 - 10.30 AM PDT
Locatie: online

This session will highlight different strategies used by activists (ie arts & culture, on the streets & online), as well as intersections (ie attention to the situation of LGBT refugees) and solidarity between movements.

Moderator: Lulu Barrera (Luchadoras/Numund Fund, Mexico)


  1. By recorded video:
    Annemarie Nalugwa, women human rights defender (WHRD) and lesbian activist in Kakuma refugee camp, Kenya
    * Lucretia John, transgender woman activist from Kakuma refugee camp, Kenya
  2. Shanthi Muniswamy & Poornima Sukumar, Arvani Art Project, India
  3. Monica Basbous, Qorras, Lebanon 
  4. [TBC] Mesahat / AMNA org - Sudan
  5. Bianka Rodríguez, COMCAVIS Trans - El Salvador 

This panel combines speakers who will speak to creative on-ground and online strategies and speakers who will directly address issues of intersectionality and practicing inclusion in the context of LGBTI defenders and civic space. 

This panel will emphasize the "arts and culture” strategy of OVOF’s theory of change, showing arts interventions led by structurally silenced women both in physical public space and in online space from India and Lebanon respectively. 

Concurrent to this, we will use the conference to amplify the voices of structurally silenced LGBTI defenders speaking from the context of a refugee camp in Kenya, about the pro-democracy protests and question of in/exclusion within the LGBTI and mainstream femininist movements in Sudan, and about killings of trans activists and ‘transforming hate’ in Mesoamerica.

The conference is largely hybrid, and this session will be virtual (with only Bianka physically being at the conference in Los Angeles). The session can only be attended by people registering to ILGA World Conference (which has a 30 dollar fee and requires Paypal or credit card to make the online payment).