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Perspectives on SDG 5

Datum: 11-12-2019
Tijd: 18:30 - 22:00 uur
Locatie: Impact Hub, Amsterdam

What is the Perspectives on SDG 5 event?

Gender Equality is likely to be the development goal that is most intertwined with the other SDGs. It is a topic that touches us all; men and women, in developing countries and in Western societies. However, the perspective of a policy maker in The Netherlands is different from that of a field expert in Asia and the perspective of an NGO professional is different from that of a woman living in rural Africa.

Come and join us to explore, share and learn. Using a social technology called Spiral Dynamics, we will take you on a journey to look at Gender Equality from multiple perspectives. You will be experiencing, sharing and experimenting with perspectives you are familiar with and those you might be less comfortable with.
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