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Practice what you preach: Integrating feminism in your organization

Datum: 25-05-2022
Tijd: 10:00-12:00h
Locatie: WO=MEN, Korte Poten 9 b, Den Haag

In 2022 WO=MEN will be piloting a series of conversations* around feminist leadership. Several of our members are working on this topic and have indicated they would benefit from an exchange on existing knowledge and experience, tools and skills. With these sessions we aim to learn from each other’s way of working, discuss challenges and opportunities and collectively become more effective in strengthening feminist leadership and integrating feminism in our respective organizations.

On Wednesday May 25th we organize the first session of this series on: Process.
Process is as important as product when it comes to feminist leadership. From defining and integrating feminist principles in your organizations’ policies to living up to commitments made on paper. Which is why in our series on feminist leadership, we will focus on different aspects of this process. This knowledge session will primarily focus on initiating feminist principles in your organization. In other words: why and how do we start?
In this session we will hear from a feminist leader on their experiences with the initial stages of integrating a feminist approach in their respective organization. We will explore key questions such as: Where did they start? What type of discussions did they have internally? What challenges did they encounter? What does a successful process look like? And what do they think are the essential elements of such a process?
*These series do not intend to find the sole truth about feminist leadership, but to learn from the processes of different organizations. To inspire other organizations to apply a feminist lens in their internal and external policies.

  • Opening remarks by Laila Ait Baali (Executive Director WO=MEN)
  • Case: Action Aid, by Executive Director Marit Maij
  • Room for discussion and questions
  • Closing remarks
  • Lunch
Note: the session will be in-person and there is a limit to the number of participants WO=MEN is able to host. Please RSVP before May 20th with Dewi

Date: Wednesday May 25th, 2022
Time: 10:00-12:00h with lunch
Location: WO=MEN office, Korte Poten 9B, Den Haag