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Raadpleging over dekolonisatie van de vredesopbouwpraktijk

Datum: 05-10-2021
Tijd: 5 en 6 oktober
Locatie: Online

Hoe beïnvloedt de ongelijke machtsdynamiek tussen internationale actoren en lokale vredesopbouwers uw werk?  Zijn vredesopbouwconcepten en -kaders geworteld in Westers denken? Hoe komt structureel racisme en 'White saviourism' tot uiting in de cultuur van internationale vredesinterventies? Doe mee aan het gesprek op 5 en 6 oktober!  
How do unequal power dynamics between international actors and local peacebuilders affect your work?  Are peacebuilding concepts and frameworks rooted in Western thinking? How does structural racism and ‘White saviourism’ show up in the culture of international peace interventions? Join the conversation on 5 and 6 October! 

Launched in May 2021, Peace Direct’s report "Time to Decolonise Aid” explores how racism and discrimination have been institutionalised into the international aid system. While the report gave recommendations for  dismantling established discriminatory and racist beliefs and practices, it is vital to examine the specific ways that these issues manifest in peacebuilding practice.

It is for this reason that Peace Direct is convening a follow up conversation that looks specifically at how to decolonise the practice and processes of peacebuilding, and for this consultation they have partnered with  the International Civil Society Action Network (ICAN), the United Network of Young Peacebuilders (UNOY), and GPPAC.

We need a radical reimagining to decolonise peacebuilding practice, to effectively redress global power imbalances, and to support communities leading justice and peacebuilding efforts. We invite you to be part of that conversation, with people from around the world.

Using Platform4Dialogue, we will hold a two-day consultation from October 5th –6th to discuss how to effectively address structural racism, and decolonise the peacebuilding practice.
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