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Refugee Women as Agents for Peace

Datum: 03-12-2020
Tijd: 17:00 - 18:30 CET
Locatie: Zoom Webinar

Refugee Women as Agents for Peace
The UN Women, Peace and Security Agenda in the Context of Forced Migration

The VIDC warmly invites you to a panel discussion and study presentation on the UN Resolution 1325 and its application on the participation and rights of refugee women in the EU. 

20 years ago, the UN Security Council Resolution 1325 was adopted - with the main aims of strengthening women’s participation in peace and security governance; ensuring their protection; enabling their recovery from conflict-related and gender-based violence; and contributing to the prevention of armed conflict. Great effort has been put into the realization of this UNSCR 1325 - by international organisations, the EU, state actors, international NGOs, feminist networks and civil society actors.

One significant group however has been widely ignored in the discourse, action plans and implementation of this agenda, namely forcibly displaced, conflict-affected women who have sought asylum in Europe. Do we also acknowledge refugee and asylum-seeking women as experts in conflict analysis and peacebuilding? Do we demand and guarantee sufficient, adequate relief and recovery mechanisms for conflict-affected women and girls? And do we understand that this participation, relief and recovery and protection of refugee women and girls within the EU forms an essential part of the WPS agenda?

The VIDC has been working on the UN Women, Peace and Security (WPS) Agenda, as well as on diaspora engagement over many years. We took this year’s 20th anniversary of the UNSCR 1325 as an occasion to draw attention to the connection between these two policy areas: the WPS Agenda and forced migration to Europe. For the VIDC, Barbara Kühhas, expert in gender, peace and development, and Marie-Luise Möller, lawyer specialized in asylum and immigration law, conducted a study analysing the gaps in the implementation of the WPS agenda in Austria with regards to the rights and living conditions of refugee and asylum-seeking women. 

Language: English and Arab with simultaneous interpretation
You will receive the data for the Zoom Webinar in the morning of 3 December 2020 and after personal registration. 

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